Brides Guide to Gorgeous Wedding Photos & Timeline Guide Jacksonville Florida

Wedding Day Tips

Below are some general guidelines and tips for your wedding day. These tips are to help ensure we can capture the best you in these special moments.


Wedding Day Photography

  • Ensure wedding day attire is ironed, clean and looking the best it can.
  • Get plenty of rest to feel energized throughout the day.
  • Set aside/bring any special items or heirlooms you want to use in the pictures.
  • Ensure that all individuals in the photo session are ready, present, and excited.
  • Ensure hair is styled and freshly cut within 2 weeks.
  • Hair and Makeup should be complete prior to arrival of photographer.
  • Part of Wedding coverage is capturing details. This includes earrings, rings, wedding invitations, bouquet, garter, shoes, boutonnières, cuff links, and anything that tells the story of your wedding. Have all these items ready and available for your photographer prior to them arriving.
  • If you would like creative shots of your wedding dress, be sure it is presented in a beautiful hanger, and is available to the photographer upon arrival. It is likely that this will be the first item to be photographed, to allow you time to dress.
  • Especially if getting ready at a different location than ceremony, allow yourself plenty of time for last minute issues that may arrive.
  • If you wear glasses reflections/glare may occur in photos. Consider using a pair without any glass in them to prevent this, if folks wouldn’t recognize you without them.
  • Men’s facial hair should be freshly shaved, and trim up beards, goatee, mustache and sideburns.
  • If you wear jewelry, aim for subtlety and be aware of it twisting or turning.
  • Avoid high salt and high fat foods 2-3 days before a photo session, as bloating will sap your confidence and comfort in front of the camera.
  • Bra straps won’t do anything to help your outfit look its best. Be sure you bring a set of bras and strap-adjusting accessories to work with any outfit you wear, to keep those straps well-hidden.
  • Nails tidy and neat, if coated choosing a matching or neutral color not to distract or clash with the outfit.
  • Moisturizing to avoid dry skin will improve how your photos will turn out.
  • Lip balm is great to avoid having cracked lips that will show in your photos.
  • Avoid red eyes. Visine is your friend. Be sure to have proper rest.
  • Avoid sunburns and tan lines, avoid significant sun exposure the day before a photo session, be mindful of clothing tan lines, sunglasses tan lines and hat tan lines.
  • Ensure footwear is clean and looking like new.
  • Bring hair accessories, especially for outdoor sessions in case of windy days. Bring bobby pins, hair clips, headbands, hats or any other favorite accessory.
  • Assign a trusted friend or family to come with you during the formal bridal portraits to assist with holding bouquet, straightening train/veil, and helping you re-touch hair & make up. We suggest that they carry water to keep you hydrated, a handkerchief to wipe away sweat, and extra makeup/hair items you may need.
  • Remember to have fun!!!

Wedding Photography Timeline

A wedding timeline is critical to ensure enough time is allotted for each segment of the day, and enough time to capture each moment without feeling rushed. When aiming for stunning, creative images of your wedding day it is very important that enough time is set aside for the photographer to create them. Additionally, the location of your getting ready locations for bride and groom, ceremony, and reception all factor into the timeline of events. If any of these are not in the same location, commuting time becomes an obstacle for the photographer timeline coverage. While it is ideal that the bride and groom get ready at the same location or very close by to the venue, we understand this is not always possible. However, when planning your photography coverage, appropriate transition and commute time should be considered. Additionally, natural light is the best for getting each phase of the day captured so ensure all the locations being considered offer a captivating environment that you want in your photographs. Below is an example of what a timeline should look like.

Remember in Jacksonville Florida the sun is very strong, if you are deciding to do a beach wedding in summer at mid day. Please ensure you stay hydrated and wear sunscreen.

Timing the beach events closer to sunset time is not only for the nice glowing colors, but also so when family formal portraits are done the sun isn't blasting directly in to peoples eyes. Thus getting the best out of your wedding day photos. The same goes for non beach weddings ensuring we are 1-2 hours from sunset is optimal for taking fantastic photos. Cloudy days are actually a great thing, they help diffuse the light to make it softer as well as adds some drama to the sky. And well who doesn't want a nice dramatic looking photo on their wedding day.

Wedding Day Timeline Summary:

A wedding planner or the venue can assist with exact details of a timeline, however below is an example of an ideal timeline:

12 pm - Hair and Makeup

2 pm - Photographer & Videographer captures getting ready and pre-ceremony formals.

3:45 pm - Photographer & Videographer sets up for ceremony.

4 pm - Ceremony

4:30 pm - Cocktail hour for guests; Formal photography session for family, wedding party, & couple.

6:00 pm - Dinner, Speeches & First Dance and Reception

9:45 pm - prepare for send-off (sparklers, confetti, bubbles, etc.)

Total Photography Time: 8 hours


As a general overview (not a definitive timeline) this description is a minimum timeframe needed as a photographer during the getting ready & formal session to capture good photos.

Getting Ready

During the pre-ceremony, getting ready time, the more time you can allot for this, the more details & creative poses you can capture. While you can get away with shortening this time as needed, know that every minute trimmed reduces creativity and variety that photographer is able to deliver, as well as what images can actually be captured. Recommended minimum for dress shot is 10 minutes, for details such as flowers, shoes, jewelry, invitation, etc. is 10 minutes, for candid images of getting makeup and hair 5 minutes, pre-wedding bridal party & grooms men 20 minutes, and pre-wedding bridal portraits 15 minutes.

Group & Family Formals

For group and family formals (depending on quantity of groupings) 15 minutes provide for family of bride, family of groom, and a few other groupings of friends and family, 20 minutes with the wedding party, and 20 minutes with just the two of you. If you are aiming for more creative setups and poses of bride & groom or would like a different location, this also adds to the time. In general, the time dedicated for this portion is worth every minute. These images become the cornerstone of the wedding, especially if planning on making an album or printing out images to display.

Venues that we have enjoyed taking pictures at here in Jacksonville

This is by far not a complete list but ones that we have done and personally enjoyed working these venues and methods of doing a wedding. We have also done many churches and multiple places on the beach along the coasts of Florida from the white sands of Panama city beach Fl to the Atlantic waters off the coast of Fernandina Beach. There are many choices this being our 12 choices and options we wanted to present to you.

The White Room wedding St Augustine, FL by Carolennys Studios

The White Room

The White Room located in downtown historic St Augustine, FL. has many small locations nearby for charming old world photos. The venue is great within walking distance to everything and can even get a horse carriage ride during the event. It does not have on site parking so during busy season this can create an additional challenge.

Recommended Guests: 100-125

Address: 1 King St, St Augustine, FL 32084

Website: The White Room

Airbnb & Beach

There are some Airbnb's that allow weddings, then work with a chair rental company for a nice beach wedding with a more relaxing feel. Just ensure that the rental place is aware that you are hosting a wedding and ensure it meets their policy.

Recommended Guests: 25

Websites: Airbnb

Cummer Museum Wedding Jacksonville FL by Carolennys Studios

Cummer Museum

Where else can you get Italian styled gardens in Jacksonville, in a perfectly manicured garden. There is plenty of parking and can accommodate a large number of people. As far as taking pictures in the garden it is breathtaking the amount of options available.

Recommended Guests: 200+

Address: 829 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville FL 32204

Website: Cummer Museum

Brennan's Barn Jacksonville Florida Photo by Carolennys Studios

Brennan's Barn

Brennan's Barn is located on the west part of Jacksonville closer to Macclenny, FL. This is a smaller charming barn with a large open field and beautiful hanging lights outside.

Recommended guests: 75-100

Address: 1166 Old Ridge Road, Jacksonville FL 32220

Website: Brennan's Barn

Coastal Occasions

This charming venue a greenhouse courtyard, and is located near Jacksonville Beach, FL. They are seasonally operated so no summer options are available. This is a great location to have a unique venue hall.

Recommended guests: 75

Address: 510 Shelter Ave, Jacksonville Beach, FL. 32250

Website: Costal Occasions

River House Events

This venue is located in St Augustine just off the historic district. This means your guests have parking. Large venue with plenty of photo spots and can accommodate large amounts of guests. Also located on the river.

Recommended Guests: 200

Address: 179 Marine St, St Augustine, FL 32084

Website: River House Events

The Riverside House Jacksonville Wedding by Carolennys Studios

The Riverside House

The Riverside House is in Jacksonville historic part of riverside. It features a beautiful red door entrance and walkway for a great photo scene. There is a large hall for the reception, and a smaller reception area. There is spaces for getting ready so a nice all in one location.

Recommended guests: 50-75

Address: 2165 Park St, Jacksonville FL 32204

Website: The Riverside House

Epping Forest Yacht & Country Club Wedding Jacksonville FL by Carolennys Studios

Epping Forest

Front the moment you arrive Epping forest county club will stand out. This will only be topped by their English style garden by the river. They ahve multiple venue choices including a small venue hall on the boat dock. This is Jacksonville luxury for a venue.

Recommended guests: 200+

Address: 1830 Epping Forest Dr, Jacksonville FL 32217

Website: Epping Forest Yacht & County Club

World Golf Village Wedding St Augustine by Carolennys Studios

World Golf Village

World Golf Village offers landscaping that is pristine and easy to create a large gathering. Can host large quantities of guests and plenty of outdoor space to ensure it is not crammed in.

Recommended guests: 300+

Address: 1 World Golf PL, St Augustine, FL 32092

Website : World Golf Village Events

Friday's Musical

This is a hall located downtown Jacksonville, FL. They have a larger ballroom and a smaller hall available. Plenty of parking for your guests and nice charming features on the venue hall.

Recommended guests: 150

Address: 645 Oak St, Jacksonville FL 32204

Website: Friday Musicale

Castle Otttis Wedding St Augustine, FL by Carolennys Studios

Castle Otttis

This is an excellent place for a small intimate wedding. A ceremony can be held here, no reception. However family photos can couple portraits can be done here.

Recommended Guests: 25-35

Address: 103 3rd Street Vilano Beach, Fl 32084

Website: Castle Otttis

Mandarin Community Club Wedding Jacksonville FL by Carolennys Studios

Mandarin Community Club

Located in Mandarin Jacksonville, FL this venue offers beautiful oak trees in the front with a perfect little white picket fence. It has nice charm and is well suited for a great venue.

Recommended Guests: 75-85

Address: 12447 Mandarin Rd, Jacksonville FL 32223

Website: Mandarin Community Club

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