Studio Scenes

Below are our themes that are available within our studio

Scene selections

Be sure to check out our views on the versatility available respectfully with a white, black and gray backdrop.


Simple and Clean


Simple and Intense


Simple and Flexible

White w/ Spotlight

Black w/ Gobos Spotlight

The White Room with Window Light




Pink Texture

White room arch & chair

Circle wall

The Blue Lounge

The Golden Era

The Red Corner

The Mocha Ground

Mocha Background. The flooring is subject to change.

Hanging Canvas

Loosely hung canvas color backdrop

Vintage Portrait Texture

This is a separate charge listed on our pricing sheet.

The Purple Mood

Its purple with tufted sofa and curtains

The Golden Girl

Client needs to hire an in studio make up artist and specify this look.


Overlays & Composites

These below are creative edits & digital backgrounds set to enhance images. Currently none of our packages offer these and we occasionally create these, but do not guarantee it. These are creative edits at our discretion, with no specifics but to allow the artist to be creative, when and if desired. If you desire a specific outcome for your session these below are an additional $95 for the composites (floating, reflections, and background changes) and $50 for the overlay (the gold rings)

Overlays - Extra Elements that add an extra dazzle the composition without needing extensive adjustments to other elements.

Composites - May take various images to stitch together. Often requires multiple layers and in some cases, extensive adjustments to color, lighting, sizing, shadows are needed to make the composition work.