Newborn Studio Session

Planning & Styling

Fine Art Newborn Session

Fine Art Newborn studio sessions include 2 fully planned setups that we coordinate with mom to capture theme or colors, use of studio props & outfits (we have beds, cribs, outfits, and various textures) and of course, images with parents & siblings. These sessions may take 2-4 hours, as we go at the pace of baby, taking all the breaks necessary to get baby comfortable and ready. They include full gallery of high quality edited digital images.   

Tips for Your Session

Before Arriving

Newborn babies are generally unpredictable... so don't overthink it! Newborn sessions can be anywhere from 2 - 4 hours, as we go at the pace of baby, making sure they are always safe and happy. These sessions tend to be a lot more feeding and soothing than photographing, so expect plenty of downtime. The most important things to remember are:

  • Avoid putting lotions or oils on the baby just prior to the session. Clean & dry is preferred to an oily sheen.
  • Dress them comfortably, and easy to undress.
  • Try to keep baby awake prior to session.
  • If possible, feed baby upon arrival. We want to have baby as comfy & sleepy as possible for the shoot.
  • Bring extra food for baby, sibling(s), or yourself.
  • If bringing a very young or active sibling, you may consider bringing an extra adult to help keep them entertained, so that your focus can be on soothing baby.
  • If you have specific ideas for your images, be sure to bring any necessary props.
  • If the baby uses a pacifier, be sure to bring this, as it may help sooth them during and between poses.
  • A baby blanket with smells of home may also be great for soothing.
  • Dress light & comfortably as the studio will be kept warm for the baby.

At the Studio

No two sessions are alike. But rest assured, that we will always go at the pace of baby.

  • When you first arrive, we will take a bit of time to get settled, talk through all the poses, outfits, and props and make sure baby is comfortable before getting started.
  • If possible, feed baby upon arrival. It is always best to begin with a full belly, as they are at their most relaxed state just after feeding.
  • During newborn sessions, we keep the studio very warm for the baby. Dress light, and stay hydrated.
  • Do not worry if baby is beginning to fuss, this is normal and expected. We will take any necessary breaks.
  • I usually have a 2-3 setups ready for the baby, to help us transition quickly between poses.
  • While there may be so many ideas we would like to do, less is usually more, as babies may become unhappy with too many changes.
  • I will usually ask mom to stay close to ensure baby is always safe.

Color Schemes

Colors set the mood when it comes to visual imagery. If you have specific ideas in mind, tell us! We love to incorporate your ideas & come up with creative ways to tell your story. Let us know your favorite colors and any special themes that you would like to integrate. We have an assortment of fabrics and textures available; however, if you have something very specific in mind, you may want to bring the items needed or be sure to check with us first.

Outfits & Themes

Outfits and themes are not required for newborn session. However there might be something particularly special for you and your family that you may want to memorialize. Feel free to be creative; however, keep in mind that often time less is truly more. While there are so many things to choose from, chose your favorite one (possibly 2) and focus on that, as you will find that dress changes are particularly bothersome for the baby, and may ruin their mood.