Edited images Vs Retouched images

We get asked this question a lot and to help avoid any confusion in terminology and get a full understanding of what each request type is. Please review below to see if you would like your photos just edited or purchase premium services like retouching.

Non Edited

Used for preview selections

This is how we will deliver your preview gallery to select your images for us to edit. This is how the image come straight out of the camera based on the lighting conditions and environment.


How all photos are delivered

All of our images are delivered like this. Basic editing includes light correction, cropping, saturation, temperature, white balance and color correction will be done to all photos. This image would be edited. no additional things will be done to these images. Do not that it looks very different than the non edited photo that colors and contrast appear to be more defined.

Light Retouching

Starting from $15/image

For an additional fee or packages including terms "light retouching" this means all basic edits, basic skin smoothing, skin blemishes fixes, sharpening eyes, teeth whiting, simple object removal, distracting objects, tonal lighting changes, studio background extensions no additional retouches will be done to these photos. This will give your images a very polished finish with vibrant colors, more flattering skin, and emphasis on details that matter.


Quotes depending on request

All other types of photo alterations including but not limited to head swaps, clean up background, advanced detailing edits, advanced object removal, background or dress extensions, people removal, composites, advanced skin smoothing, body shaping, composite images, or significant changes to the photos, this will cost extra and no package contains any of these. These are quoted individually based on the request.