Studio Boudoir


This is where women can express their inner goddess and feel empowered to see themselves. Boudoir photography captures your beauty, confidence and empower your inner spirit. The purpose is to capture raw, intimate moments that evoke feelings or nostalgia. We have a private studio & commercial building for our photography in Jacksonville FL to ensure you have privacy and don't have to worry about booking a space for your session.

This is for women of all types whether you are plus sized, or runway model ready this is an opportunity to get fashion like photos in a unique setting.

Complete posing and direction through your session. You will not be alone I willl be there with you every step of the way.

Ensure you bring your outfits and you can see the process below. For Bridal Boudoir ensure you bring your wedding shoes, engagement ring, your wedding veil, and any special accessories. Below we have a suggested link to outfits to help with what you will wear.

Since we strictly only shoot female, no male guests or couples are allowed during your boudoir sessions. You may bring a female friend, however unless they are your hype person it can make posing uncomfortable with family and friends. In the studio will only be female photographer and assistant.

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Session experience

1st part of session

Start with Casual clothing a large shirt, or blazer jacket with undergarments / lingerie underneath

Click here for suggestions from amazon.

2nd part of session

Outfit with a robe/veil/fabric

Click here to see the robes/veils/fabrics we have available.

3rd part of session

Possible change of lingerie or using the same poses with just the lingerie on and various objects within the scene.

4th part of session

Possible change or more/full nude with various poses.

Boudoir Experience: $695


  • 120 minutes session in our studio
  • Up for 1-4 outfits/scenes
  • Complete posing and direction through your session
  • Up to 1 person no couples
  • 20 edited & lightly retouched digital images
  • Gallery proofs of unedited photos sent to client for selection
  • Add a milk bath to your experience for $150

Booking Process

Step #1: Review information on this page and think about outfits

Step #2: Contact us to set up an phone consult or provide booking information. (Click to contact us ) You don't have to have it all planned out to book your appointment we get booked up far in advance we will send out a questionnaire to complete the vision after booking.

Step #3: Deciding what scene(s) desired (click to see them)

Step #4: Decide your desired outfits, shoes, and accessories you want to wear in your shoot. Suggestions links will be emailed once you contact us.

Step #5: If you need hair & makeup (click here to see our vendors)

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Studio Sessions are available Monday - Friday excluding holidays

Additional Digital Images $25/each


Overlays added to photo $50/ea.

Composite images are starting from $95/ea.

Photos are delivered within 3 weeks of client selection - Rush Fee 72hr delivery - Starting from $150

Outdoor and on location - $200 plus additional travel see photoguide for more details and location ideas

Our Local Pricing

Please note we cannot book your photography session until deposit is received and contract has been signed. Until both are not done your desired time is not guaranteed.

All remaining balances are due before the photo shoot based on contract.

Local pricing includes 25 miles from Jacksonville, FL additional mileage may apply. Special admission fees may apply at certain locations client will be advised of these prior to booking.

Editing policy:

Basic editing light correction, cropping, saturation, temperature, white balance and color correction will be done to all photos.

Packages including terms "fully edited" or "light retouching" this means all basic edits, basic skin smoothing, skin blemishes fixes, sharpening eyes, teeth whiting, simple object removal, distracting objects, tonal lighting changes, studio background extensions no additional retouches will be done to these photos.

All other types of photo alterations including but not limited to head swaps, clean up background, advanced detailing edits, advanced object removal, background or dress extensions, people removal, composites, advanced skin smoothing, body shaping, composite images, or significant changes to the photos, this will cost extra and no package contains any of these. Contact us for a quote as these can be done on a per image basis.

Previews for client selections will be sent out within 72 hours, if client does not select favorites and notify photographer within 30 days. Photographer at its sole discretion will select the photographer feels are best and edit the amount purchased. Any additional images will be additional images after this time period and will incur an additional fee.

Click here for contract

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Where are you based?

We are located in Jacksonville, Florida. (Yes, by all the beaches and cool nearby destinations!) Our packages list how much travel is included. We will travel further contact us for details.

When will we get our photos?

You will receive an online gallery link with all your photos within maximum 30-60 days for weddings/events (for weddings you also receive a 3-5 image preview within 5 days of the event) and 2-3 weeks for others. You can download all the photos from the gallery but also share them, choose your favorites, and also order prints!

Do we have print services?

Yes! When you receive your digital download link, you will be able to order pictures directly on the website. These are printed by professional print companies to ensure high quality, true-to-color images that are intended for display in large or small format.

Will you share my photos online?

Not unless you dont' want us to.

Do I need to bring my own outfits?

Yes, some have existing items they can use and feel sexy in. We also have some online shops that have some things to help also.

Do you allow others during the session?

Since we strictly only shoot female, no male guests are allowed during our boudoir sessions. You may bring a female friend, however unless they are your hype person it can make posing uncomfortable with family and friends.