Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!!

To all my amazing clients this year, I am so humbled by your loyalty, trust, and partnership! Thank you for supporting our photography studio! This year has been a wild one, with so much change and so much growth. We opened up our brand new studio, in record speed (that is after waiting endlessly for city permitting) and within days my studio was bustling with Christmas Sessions and other amazing sets! While this journey was not an easy one, it has certainly been an exciting one!

I have never been more proud and elated for what has been accomplished and what lays ahead for us and our new facility. I hope to welcome my new clients & former clients with more scenes, props, backdrops & wardrobe than ever before to create epic images that will be treasured forever.

With that said, I would like to end the year by expressing my sincere gratitude, to my clients and all of those behind the scene hands that have contributed to where we are. Thank you to my family & friends who have supported and have been a part of this journey. Barbara, Jisela, Tai-I, Orietta, & Destiny ya'll are amazing! Thank you for coming out to help me with painting, wallpapering and many odds and ends. My children, who dealt with my insane schedule, and still showed up to help throughout the entire build-out process. But most importantly, I owe the biggest THANK YOU to my husband & partner in everything, Nick, whom without I would be hopelessly lost! From supporting and encouraging this crazy dream, to contributing blood, sweat & tears into every aspect of this business to make silly little dream come true!

Thank you ALL!!! My heart is soo full! I can't wait to see what 2022 brings our way! Best wishes to you all in the new year

Goodbye 2021!! We had some great ones!!