A Story Through Pictures

Newborn Lifestyle sessions can be every bit as lovely and precious to your family as a studio session. In lifestyle photography, it is an opportunity to capture the new baby in their natural environment. The objective is to tell a story through pictures capturing moments in an almost candid like way. You can display all the love and details that were done in preparation for the baby, from the nursery, name plates, clothes, stuffed animals, and even the families own excitement at having a new member in their family.

Preparing for a Lifestyle Session

Most newborn lifestyle sessions take place in the family's home, as it is the best place to share the story of the new arrival. Some of the most important areas are the baby's nursery, parent's bed (or other large bed) and living room, which is where families usually spend the most time with the baby. When taking pictures inside the home, there are three main things you want to focus on. First, declutter and tidy any areas where will be photographing. Second, be sure to display any important items that share some of your family's personality or interests. Third, have any dress changes or accessories handy to make a swift change. Unlike studio photography, lifestyle sessions document moments as they are, in the natural environment. While we may attempt some posed images of baby on their own, the focus will be to capture the baby in a way that is comfortable and natural to them. If they become fussy, we will move on to other shots.

Nursing or Feeding Baby

Depending on the time of day or length of time of the photo session, you may find yourself needing to feed baby. This gives a great opportunity to capture intimate moments of baby being fed and bonding with their mom, dad, or sibling. We love love pictures of babies feeding, whether nursing or bottle. These pictures will become a treasure for you and your family.

Baby and Family

One of the most loved parts of lifestyle photography, is capturing intimate and genuine moments within family. Every smile, touch, and expression is memorialized in the most loving way.

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