This past year, so many families have avoided the typical milestone photography and collection of high quality images, not because their desire has simmered, but mostly because the fear of COVID and related roadblocks. Upon the realization that little to no memories had been captured in their beloved beach home in Fernandina this family asked me to come into their home and help them capture some memories. In a few weeks, this family would be relocating to a new state, and I knew these memories were important. Especially once I learned that their 11 month old baby was actually born in the home, on a foliage pattern chair, which I made sure to document.

Working with this family to create memories in their home was so just so fun! They were so sweet and easy going, and this baby was just ADORABLE!! Sadly they are moving away, but I'm so happy I was able to document these memories for them take with them.

My favorite part of this session, was our last pose, when I had the mom lie down, and place baby atop her. The genuine laughter that erupted when baby took this as a queue that it was nursing time, was just the memory needed to finalize the shoot.

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