I am a mother of four beautiful children, whom along with my husband are my heart and soul.  

If there was something I can say to sum myself up, it is the word PASSIONATE. It's a blessing and a curse, but I'd say that when it comes to art and photography it is definitely a blessing. There is no effort wasted if it leads to that perfect moment captured timelessly for years to come. 


Frankly, my greatest obsession is my family & friends. You might say that is simply a byproduct of my love of people, relationships, and the institution of family. In every photograph, my aim is to memorialize and dignify every laugh, touch, emotion and embrace.   

About Nicholas (Nick)

A dynamic duo photography team was not what I envisioned back when I was working in finance and real estate, but I have not looked back. Working alongside my best friend and wife, our business has been an amazing journey. It began with Carol changing her long love for Nikon to Sony cameras, and I delved into the technical parts of the camera. From that point on I couldn't put the camera down and kept learning to become proficient in all technical parts and developing a unique style. I enjoy capturing the details of every moment in your story with the rich colors, and beautiful places surrounding your milestones. 

ABOUT Jarinne (Ish)

As an integral part of the team, she brings unique talent with her exceptional photography, and editing skills. Not to mention her ability to make awesome social media videos for us.

Jarinne Ismel Portrait Carolennys Studios

About Kenzie

She’s a local Hair and makeup artist, specializing in Bridal in special events! Kenzie is the owner of Faces by Kenzz and has been doing makeup for years working for teams like Nicstudios, Mane and Mascara, SVille Beauty, and Blush beauty! Kenzie takes ultimate pride in making one feel like the best version of themself! Her motto is “magnifying the beauty that already exist” 

Our Commercial Studio located at 1807 Rogero Rd, Jacksonville FL

This is where our creations are made

Carolennys Studios Building at 1807 Rogero Rd.

Our Gear

Originally a Nikon fanatic, I made the switch to mirror-less with our Sony A7RIII, and have not looked back since. My favorite lens to shoot through is the 50mm Sigma 1.4 Art lens. It is just magical!

Sony A7RIII camera

Sony A7III camera Second camera

Sony A7III camera Third Camera

Sony A7III camera Fourth Camera

Sony 70-200mm F2.8 G master lens

Sony 28mm F2.0 lens

Sigma 50mm F1.4 Art lens

Sigma 20mm F1.4 Art lens

Sigma 24-70 Art Lens

Sony 85mm F1.8 lens

Rokinon 14mm F2.8 lens

Sigma 70mm Macro Lens

Godox Flash - Alot of them 10+

Leather camera harnesses (yes, since each camera can be up to 5lbs!) 

Tripod mounted LED lights.

And many more light stands, diffusers, and reflectors


Tiffany P.

“Carol photographed our wedding reception and her pictures were beautifully intimate and truly captured our close friends and family in a casual and fun atmosphere. We are so grateful that Carol was our choice.”

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